Are you familiar with the Cricket T20 Game? Fascination of Cricket T20 game has changed the market. Besides the rules of this game, we are going to tell you about the recent events of the T20 Cricket game. It was the year 2007 when the cricket T20 was first introduced. People from all parts of the world welcomed it. It was a successful execution of modern cricket in the world.

Cricket T20 Game
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Cricket T20 Game

International Cricket Council conducted a full international even for its introduction. The fascinating effect of this game is the short formate. Cricket followers can sit for a while. They can enjoy the greatness of cricket. The game of T20 cricket consists of 40 overs in total. Each team has to play and bowl 20 overs once.

The game of T20 cricket has more power show than ODI or Test cricket. Apart from ODI cricket, T20 games have only 6 overs at powerplay. Therefore, pikakasinot batsmen have the opportunity to score over the 30 yards circle. T20 cricket game has become a big challenge for bowlers. Because the pitches are prepared according to bigger totals.


Do you want to know whose team winning percentage was near 90%? Here, I will tell you guys the most success rate of International Cricket Team. It was Pakistan who dominate the world cricket of T20 games. Even if Pakistan was not ranking high in ODI or Test Crickets, but they came up like the champions of this game. T20 Cricket game more suits the Pakistani players. They find themselves more comfortable in this formate of Cricket game.

Pakistan won its first ICC Cricket T20 Game World Cup in the year 2009. Pakistan beat Sri Lank in the Final game. After this event, the T20 cricket game was being ibebet played at domestic levels. Although, it was Australia when it introduced The Big Bash League based on T20 Cricket game rules.

A T20 cricket league is also launched by the Pakistan Cricket Board with the title “Pakistan Super League.” It is successfully played every year. International players make their appearances in this league.

Therefore, the Cricket game in the form of 20 overs per side has made its audience. The fascination of Cricket T20 Game has attracted lovers of cricket after its extensive online promotion led by The Marketing Heaven. Now the followers from all parts of the world intend to watch this cricket game of short formate. The market for the game of cricket is very high. Now the people follow Cricket Game of T20 on all platforms of Social media.


By watching the success of “The Big Bash League” (a cricket league introduced by Cricket Australia), India also prepared to launch its own league. The Board of Cricket Control In India launched its T20 Cricket league called “Indian Premier League (IPL).” The international players from all over the world were auctioned in this league.

Cricket India made it more on a larger scale. International players got more pay in this league. The audience from India also likes the idea of IPL. Therefore, out of this league, Cricket India created an opportunity for the local players. Now, the local names can perform in the league and they have a chance to go into the national cricket of India.

Indian Premier League produced players like Virat Kohli. Fascination of Cricket T20 Game has made people happy in India with the launch of IPL. He is the number one ODI player according to the latest ICC ODI ranking 2019. Jasprit Bumrah, who is a medium-fast with awkward bowling action is the number one ODI bowler for ICC. So, the T20 cricket has made a very considerable mark on the world’s Cricket.

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