Are you familiar with the game of Cricket? Let me introduced the great player of Cricket Australia who left the vast mark of cricket. He is no other one BUT Ricky Ponting. He is the legendary Cricketer for CA. Ricky Ponting’s cricket career was the best of his time. Tough nails, aggressive nature of cricket, and always on top of his game.

Ricky Ponting
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Ricky Ponting

Although, it was very tough to get his wicket. But he was famous to convert his small performances into big. He always leads his whole team to great victories. Therefore, it is the only reason, he has the winning percentage over the higher side. During his stay in the national team, Australia remains the No. 1 Test team in the ranking. He also played few seasons of The Big Bash Cricket League by Cricket Australia.

Ricky Ponting grabbed almost all the international titles for his country. He had the more winning percentage of winning the test matches. He loves the ODI cricket where he can perform well in a single day. Unfortunately, it was difficult for him to win the T20 title for his country.

During his captaincy, he had the moments to cherish and enjoy cricket with his mates. His running between the wicket was up to the mark. He had a very small number of run-outs during his complete International Cricket Career. Because of his strong foot grip, he batted beautifully against the top quality fast bowlers around the world.


Do you want to know when Ricky Ponting made his international cricket debut? It was 1995 when he entered into the international cricket. He made his Test and ODI debut. He had a fine first-class career which burst the selectors to try him out at the international level of cricket.

Although, he was very consistent in his batting but he had some disciplinary issues with him. During the initial years of his career, selectors kept him away from high-level cricket. Ricky Ponting had the strong and sheer intent of scoring runs in all parts of the ground. He never let any bowler set to him on the same line.

Therefore, He always tried to play forward. Ricky Ponting cricket career had that positive trigger moment to go ahead and face the bowlers. He always leads his team from the front. It was Steve Waugh’s end part of the career when Mr. Ricky Ponting took the charge of captaincy in 2002. His main power was his batting and creating partnerships during the course of the innings.

Ricky Ponting also holds a unique record on his international cricket career. He had scored 41 centuries in a span of inside 5 years in all formats. He also holds the record of scoring the most number of centuries for Australia Cricket. His outstanding International Cricket Career demonstrates the dominance against the opposition. After the world cup of 2011 when Australia lose its position at the quarterfinal stage. Ricky Ponting left the seat of leadership and the charge of leadership was entrusted to Micheal Clark.

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